Saturday October 2, 2004, from 2pm

At the Devonshire Cat Pub


About the organiser





Getting your ID verified





About the organiser


This powwow is organised by Alexa Dubreuil (IDFP Translation Services)

Check my Proz profile:


I am French, and I have been in the translation business since 1994.

I am based in Sheffield and I work as a freelance translator, proofreader and project manager with Alex Storer my British associate who specialises in creative design.

Together we offer a combined translation and graphic design service called IDFP (Images Design For Print)


If you want to know more about our business download our interactive brochure.


Alex and I will both attend the powwow on October 2.






The powwow will start at about 2pm.


This is an informal so you can show up at whatever time is convenient for you.

Alex and I will be there all afternoon.





The Devonshire Cat Pub



It is a modern and spacious pub/bar located in the city center (with a large selection of specialty beers and a good quality food).

See Map section


Wellington Street

Devonshire Green


South Yorkshire

S1 4HG


Phone: 01142 796700




The Devonshire Cat pub is located in the city centre of Sheffield but it is easy to find and get to.

See Map section

It is also easy to park near the pub - I found this area to be the cheapest in town (around 60p per hour) and with the longest parking limit (10 hours).

There are always lots of spaces available.


The best streets (10-hour parking limit) to park on are: Thomas Street, Egerton Street, etc.

Fitzwilliam street is another good street to park on pricewise but it's limited to 2 hours.

See Map section



The pub is walking distance from the train station - about 15 minutes.
Map section.


For anyone travelling by car who does not want to drive into the city centre, Supertram offer a 3 park and ride fare from Halfway terminus, to the East of the city, 10 minutes from the M1 at Jn 30.

Journey time to West St (the closest stop) is about 35 minutes.

Walking time to the pub is about 5 minutes from West Street stop (stop between Eldon Street and Westfield Terrace) outside the new Tesco branch.

See Map section




Here are 4 maps I advise you to download (right click on the link then "save as"):


DOWNLOAD ALL MAPS: click here.

(size: 3.05Mb)






There will be no agenda as such. The idea is just to chat with people


To us this powwow will mainly be a good way to:



This powwow is open to all - no restriction as to the language combination - as long as you work in the translation business, whether you are a freelancer or an agency.




Getting your ID verified


I have been given the authority to VID members. This means that I will be able to approve your name, causing the VID symbol to appear on your profile.



The main thing about having your ID verified is to have more credibility in the eyes of potential clients.

We translators are always worried about whether any new client will pay us or not, but translation agencies also want to know who they are dealing with (when they contact new translators) and they want to make sure to have their documents translated and delivered on time.

So basically, by having your ID verified you're proving potential clients that you are real!




It won't cost you anything - all you have to do is bear in mind the following Proz requirements:


-         I can only VID members I have met in person.

-         You must show me a photo ID

-         Prior to the powwow you must show your real name on your profile page (otherwise there is no way I can verify you online).

-         Vidding another member verifies only their identity --I will be verifying that a real person with this name exists.


After the powwow all you'll have to do is to fill the proz application form ( and select the second option ("You met--in person--a member who has the authority to verify identities").

Then select my name Alexa Dubreuil in the list.






Here are a few pictures we took during the event (just click on them to view the full size version).










Don't hesitate to email me on








Updated on: Monday October 11, 2004

Author: Alexa Dubreuil (IDFP Translation Services)